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  • Dozens of Awesome weapons
  • State of the Art, Cutting Edge Graphics
  • Hunt dozens of different Species
  • Free to play!

Dinosaurs ripped through the fabric of time and humanity retreated into gigantic fortresses… great hunters had to venture out and fight off the relentless terror from the past.

John Golden was one of the most famous hunters and you have to fill his shoes in T-REXX HUNTER – THE GOLDEN AGE

T-Rexx Hunter: The Golden Age

Hunt dinosaurs in a free-to-play experience with state of the art, cutting edge graphics!

3D HuntingTM 2024

With Next-Gen Graphics, FPS Action Shooter 3D Hunting 2024 takes you on a hunting trip that you will never forget. Go hunting in the wilderness of Alaska! Hunt with with dozens of weapons.

3D HuntingTM Alaskan Hunt

From the team who brought you 3D HuntingTM (Alaskan Hunt, Trophy Whitetail, Grizzly! Assault, Zombie Hunter and more) comes Alaskan Hunt Plus!, the in-your-face hunting arcade adventure. If you enjoy the kill more than the hunt - Alaskan Hunt Plus! is your ticket!

Machineworks Northwest LLC is an academy-nominated (AIAS) mobile game developer . A Mobile Developer since 2001, Machineworks started with the official Doom1 and Doom2 ports to Pocket PC for Id Software.

MW designed the critically acclaimed Prey and Duke Nukem Mobile line of mobile games, pioneering the 2D/3D release strategy and created the best-selling Guitar Hero Mobile 3 and 4 for Hands-on Mobile, all running on RIPP3D, Machineworks award-winning mobile 3D Tech. Other titles include Stargate SG-1, Rocky Boxing 3D , Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Painkiller Purgatory, 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt. Customers include 3D Realms, Bandai, Microsoft, Nokia, Id Software, HP, Glu Mobile, Chillingo/EA and Sega. Machineworks was voted Best Mobile 3D Studio, won numerous Editor’s choices and “Best Mobile Game of the Year” Awards, including CNET’s "10 best mobile games ever made".

Entrepreneur magazine recognized Machineworks as “one of the 100 brilliant companies to watch” in 2009. 2012/3:Machineworks creates hits in the Android Appstore: Duke Nukem 3D, Painkiller , 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt and 3D Hunting: Zombies. Generating 28 000 000 organic downloads on Android and IOS , Machineworks is on its way to enter the top 50 developer rank in the various app stores. The latest next-gen tile 3D Hunting : 2024 is currently in final testing for IOS and Android.


Best Mobile Developer 2007/8 IGN Wireless

“MW - one of the 100 brilliant companies of 2009” Entrepreneur Mag

“Prey Mobile Academy Nomination (AIAS) ”

“Prey Mobile- Best Mobile Game of the Year 2007 IGN Wireless”

“MTV VIDEO GAME Award - PREY Mobile Best Visual Design of the Year 08”

“CNet-TOP 10 coolest game of 2005 - Duke Nukem Bikini Project”

“IGN Editor’s choice - Duke Nukem Arena”

“Rocky Boxing 3D -Bronze Award Pocketgamer.Uk”

“CNet-TOP 10 coolest game of 2004 Duke Nukem Mobile”

“Duke Nukem Arena -- Best 3D Graphics to Date - IGN wireless”

“Guitar Hero Mobile - Best Music Game of the Year IGN Wireless”

“BREW Awards- Guitar Hero Mobile Best Mobile Game of the Year 08”

“MTV VIDEO GAME Award- PREY Best Mobile game of the Year 07”

“IGN Editor’s choice - Duke Nukem Mobile”

“10 best Pocket PC game ever made-- Doom for PPC”